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Closer Look Sports - by Steve Gann

: 2014 Men's and Women's NCAA, NIT, CBI, WIT Brackets

Below I've posted links for every post season college basketball tournament for both the men's and women's brackets. Good luck to your favorite team. Please leave a comment if a link is not working correctly and don't forget to register for the Quicken Billion Dollar Challenge above.

Interactive Men's Bracket
Printable Men's Bracket
ESPN Interactive Bracket
ESPN Printable Bracket

Interactive Women's Bracket

Printable Women's Bracket

Printable Men's NIT Bracket

Printable Women's NIT Bracket
Alternate Women's NIT Bracket

Printable CBI Bracket
Alternate Bracket Site

CIT Schedule and Results

Women's Basketball Invitational Printable Bracket

Quicken Billion Dollar Bracket

Sochi Winter Olympics Events

January 20th 2014 06:29
: Sochi Winter Olympics Events
The Winter Olympics is one of my favorite sporting events, mainly because you only get to see many of them during the games. This year the Olympics take place in Sochi, Russia and features fifteen sporting events spread out over two weeks.

For a list of events and times click here

D2 Football Bracket

November 22nd 2013 03:40
: D2 Football Bracket

This year's DII football bracket has been announced.

Download the bracket here

: Arian Foster Admits He Took Money In College
Arian Foster may be a great NFL running back, but he apparently is terrible at money management. Foster admits, while a student on scholarship at Tennessee, to taking money for food and having coaches bring him tacos, both are NCAA violations. What Foster seemed to have plenty of money for however, was ink. Not the kind of ink for taking notes in class, but the kind they use in tattoo needles.

So Arian was hungry while in college, which I highly doubt. How many students would love to buy some dinner for one of the best players on the team? Arian's beef is not with getting money for food, he has long been an advocate(saying so in an 2012 interview on the Dan Patrick Show) for college players to be paid. He seemed openly disgusted that coaches make millions while students get nothing. But do they get nothing? No they get a free college education and for a select few like Arian, they get training that could earn them millions playing professionally. If college football players are to receive a stipend, shouldn't athletes in non-revenue producing sports like baseball and women's basketball, also receive an allowance for giving their all for their university

[ Click here to read more ]

Adidas vs Nike

July 26th 2013 00:37
: Adidas vs Nike
For the last ten years or so it seems Adidas has been seeming standing around with their heads in the sand while Nike has taken huge lead in collegiate uniforms. it's gotten so bad for Adidas that I've read where big time recruits have turned down scholarships to big time programs based solely on the fact that the program was "an Adidas school" With their new TechFit line, I wonder if it is too little too late for the former leader in athletic apparal.

Check out this website to view some of the new collegiate uniforms out this year.

: Downloadable Printable 2013 NCAA Baseball Brackets

: 2013 NCAA Downloadable Printable Softball Brackets

: 2013 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship Brackets
Good luck to all participants in one of the world's oldest and best amateur competitions.

2013 Des Moines NCAA Bracket
[ Click here to read more ]

: 2013 NCAA Men's & Women's Hockey Printable Downloadable Brackets

The Road to the Frozen Four in Pittsburgh (for men) and Minneapolis (for women) is set now with the announcement of the 2013 NCAA Hockey Championships for both women and men. Good luck to your favorite school

[ Click here to read more ]

: Printable Downloadable Brackets For All Post Season NCAA Basketball Tournaments

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